On The Brink 12X12" Canvas Rhino
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On The Brink 12X12" Canvas Rhino

Artist: Vicki Smith
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Vicki's wall pieces are created on top of high-quality canvas and are ready to hang on the wall.

Vicki's work is like a walk on the trail in springtime. From bowls to larger wall canvases, her handmade paper incorporates natural elements such as flowers, leaves, twigs and seeds. She often will add sheet music or hints of printed paper, in addition with recycled found objects, and will tie it all together with lines of metallic stitching.

These pieces may be lightly dusted and should be displayed out of direct sunlight, as it will fade the plant material. Vicki's charming work makes for great gifts and will be treasured for years to come. Gift wrapping options available.

Handmade in America, in Columbia, Missouri.