To the Moon & Back Lamp, Blue
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To the Moon & Back Lamp, Blue

Artist: Suzanne Perry
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How many hundred Mommies and Daddies have expressed this wonderful sentiment to a child? Help them remember with this delightful night light created by Suzanne Perry. Perfect for bedside table or dresser, "I love you to the moon . . ." comes in both pink and blue. Crafted from a "tall" glass brick with a stand of steel wire recycled from crushed cars, this eco-friendly design is one of Suzanne's originals. The soft glow through the panel creates a fascinating play of light. A low wattage bulb (7 or 15 watts) is included and is easily replaceable anywhere light bulbs are sold. This item measures around 11x4x3 inches.

Handmade in America, in Lawrence, Kansas.

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