Red 2 Origami Crane Mobile 'Love'
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Red 2 Origami Crane Mobile 'Love'

Artist: Sonya Nicholson
Price: $20.00
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Two origami cranes are considered a blessing for a partnership in some cultures. These two, rendered in fine Japanese paper, fly over a card with space enough to write a special wish for your particular couple. Each mobile comes artfully packaged with information on cranes in various cultures.

In Sonya's configuration, each color of crane comes with a special message card as follows: Blue message is "Happiness," Coral message is "Joy," Green's message is "Peace," and Red's message is "Love". Cranes and message card hang on a golden cord measuring 21 inches in length. Wingspread of the largest crane measures 5 inches.

Handmade in the America, in Columbia, Missouri.