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Sandy Litecky

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Carbondale, Illinois

Sandy is one of Bluestem's founding partners. Since 1983, she has continued her art and partnership, making the trip from Carbondale to Columbia many times a year. Aside from her time spent as a small business owner, Sandy loves to weave beautiful scarves. She can also be found in the garden, at art fairs and is a dedicated organizer for many projects and events for the city of Carbondale. As an artist, primarily Sandy weaves scarves and shawls, using soft, high-quality yarns such as chenille. Her choice of materials give the finished pieces an elegant and flowing appeal. Sandy's scarves are thick enough to keep you warm in colder weather, but versatile, allowing the wearer to also get use out of them when it is warm as well.

Sandy's scarves have been a favorite when it comes to gift giving, having been gift-wrapped and shipped from Bluestem all over the USA for many years. They easily fit in luggage, travel well and are a stunning gift. Whether it is for a mother, spouse, friend, or even just for YOU, Sandy's woven creations are always a hit!

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