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Nell Kobes

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Manchester, Missouri

Nell Kobes is a multi-media artist presently working dimensionally in wood, brass, and found objects. She is a collector of small treasures that she finds challenging to incorporate into her artwork.

Most of Nell's boxes, jewelry, and wall art have nature oriented motifs, which she often refers to as "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." Pieces include decorative papers, old postage stamps, brass and wooden wings, brass birds and other charms, exotic hardwoods, Lucite, glass and stone beads, antique and foreign-made buttons, old watch faces, and small plastic chickens.

Combining the clean lines of contemporary design with more flowing, nature-oriented elements creates tension and excitement in Nell's work. Sometimes she adds moveable parts or something unexpected for fun and surprise.

Tallisman Box


Nell Kobes