Cribbage Board, 3 Hand, Am Maple/Cherry
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Cribbage Board, 3 Hand, Am Maple/Cherry

Artist: Don Bristow
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This beautiful cribbage board was crafted by Don Bristow, in Columbia, Missouri. It comes complete with all the shown accessories to play the game. This particular cribbage board is made with a cherry bottom and a wormy, spalted maple top. It is 14 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2.5 inches in height. Hours of fun are to be had!

Don creates timeless work that will last for generations. His pieces are excellent for storing jewelry or other memorabilia. He combines native and exotic woods to achieve his desired design. He has made an array of jewelry boxes, cribbage boards, and even clocks for us! Gift wrapping options available.

Handmade in America, in Columbia, Missouri.