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Dodie Eisenhauer

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Daisy, Missouri

Dodie designs many jewelry and everyday items from wire. Her passion for it came while repairing a screen door in the 1980's. Since then she has created items from every gauge and every color of wire possible! Her jewelry designs are funky, unique and will fill you with joy. Her 'orbanizers' have been a hit at Bluestem. The smaller size able to hold items such as pens, colored pencils or make-up brushes. Her larger styles are capable of holding kitchen utensils or large dried flowers.

Dodie uses stainless steel wire for her larger pieces and will use coated aluminum in many of her jewelry designs. Her ear wires are sterling silver, and she also creates a special jewelry line from sterling. Her designs are timeless and sure to accent any type of outfit, whether it be elegant or casual. Gift wrapping options are available on all of her items.

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Silver & Gold Blossom Earrings


Dodie Eisenhauer

Poinsettia Necklace


Dodie Eisenhauer

Poinsettia Magnetic Pin


Dodie Eisenhauer

12" Wire Holiday Tree


Dodie Eisenhauer

10" Wire Bowl


Dodie Eisenhauer

24" Wire Holiday Christmas Tree


Dodie Eisenhauer

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