Large Orbanizer
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Large Orbanizer

Artist: Dodie Eisenhauer
Price: $35.00
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This funky wire organizer is called an 'Orbanizer' by Dodie. It is created from sturdy stainless steel wire that has been bent and coiled to hold an array of everyday items. You could use it in the kitchen to store utensils, and it will also hold larger make-up and hair brushes. It is excellent for visibly storing paint brushes for artists, and serves well holding dried flowers.

This wire organizer is about 7 inches in diameter and will balance on any flat surface. Be sure to check out the jewelry made by Dodie and her daughter! All of her items we will gladly giftwrap and include a personal note if you'd like to have it shipped as a gift. These are a big hit for a graduation, an anniversary, or housewarming, and even birthdays.

Handmade in America, in Daisey, Missouri.