Seal Pull Toy
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Seal Pull Toy

Artist: Delmar Eby
Price: $51.00
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Can you balance a ball on the tip of your nose, and bounce it up and down? As this seal rolls forth (or back), the ball bobs up and down because the dowel to which it is attached passively rides on a rotating disc that is attached to the front axle; the axle, however, is attached off the center of the disc. (Pretty nice what can be done with circles.) The ball+dowel can be removed from the seal. This product measures 3x9x9".

Handmade Two-Piece Wooden Seal Pull Toy, of any of the non-splintering hardwoods including Sugar Maple, Cherry, Oak and Walnut, all native to Middle America. Sturdy and durable, with rounded edges and child-safe mineral oil finish. Clean if desired with warm soapy water, then rinse and air dry. Re-oil as desired, as one would a wooden utensil.

Made in America in London, Kentucky. Woods may vary from those pictured.