Painted Fish Box
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Painted Fish Box

Artist: Ann Marie Rausch
Price: $115.00
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This whimsical fish box was once usable-but-cast-off and has been given new life by Ann. After stripping, sanding and fixing any unwanted dings, this box has been hand-painted and sealed. Ann's whimsical style of painting incorporates many different patterns and complimenting colors. All of her items have been repurposed and now take on a new life as artful, yet functional decor. This box has a story written inside the lid and has a few compartments for storing objects, this would be a great addition to a child's room!

This fish box measures 20x11x5 inches. The story inside reads, "On the first day of school, Fish learned that on even days they were to swim to the right and on odd days they were to swim to the left. That only left him with one question, 'How do you tell even days from odd days?' So he decided to get to school late and just join in with the other fish... The teacher thought he was lazy, he thought he was a genius... Except he realized he was assuming all the other fish knew the difference between even and odd days." Your purchase will include a card about the artist and gift-wrapping is available upon request.

Handmade in America, in Monett, Missouri.